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Eagle Lawn Care is a local provider offering lawn care in eastern Lancaster County and western Chester County, PA. We provide lawn care services customized to the condition of each lawn, with an intentional focus on eliminating extra, unnecessary lawn care treatments. This makes our lawn care service more affordable and more sustainable than traditional lawn care alternatives.

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Fewer Visits

Most lawn treatment companies visit 6-8 times per year; some of these visits are overkill. We prefer a simple 3-4 visits every season to give your lawn just what it needs.


Fewer Chemicals

Fewer lawn treatments mean your lawn receives fewer chemicals during the year, making it safer for children and pets. Plus, you don’t pay for materials your lawn doesn’t need.

Flexible Service

Flexible Service

Unlike many lawn care companies, we don’t lock you into an annual contract. Our 4 standard lawn treatments can be adjusted as needed for your lawn. Just call ahead to cancel a visit!

Our Lawn Care Services

We offer a contract free lawn care service to keep your lawn in tip-top shape year after year.

Weed Control

Weed control is important before and after weeds appear. Our plan includes both pre-emergent and post-emergent weed control.


We apply fertilizer on your lawn in the Spring and the Fall adding the needed iron and sulfur for a healthy lawn.

Insect Control

Start with an application to remove grub and other insects. Add flea and tick control per special request.


If your lawn needs over-seeding to fill in areas left open due to weeds etc, we will overseed your lawn to fill in the gaps.

How Our Lawn Care Service Works in 3 Simple Steps

Our lawn care services include weed and bug control as well as fertilizing. We want you to have a beautiful lawn year after year and one which you and your family will enjoy many days out of the year. Our process for caring for your lawn is simple and personal.

Lawn care service in Lancaster and Chester Counties


We begin with an in-person visit to your lawn for a visual assessment. Our lawn care experts will gather specific information on your lawn and assess the main issues that your yard is dealing with, such as nutrient deficiencies, thin grass cover, weed infestations, brown spotting, and signs of insect or fungus problems. After that, he will design a lawn treatment plan for your lawn and the price of the treatment plan will be presented based on square footage.


When the plan is approved, your personal lawn care expert will do the actual application. Our lawn care treatment plan is typically divided into a 3-4 application lawn care regimen with visits in early spring, late spring (optional), summer, and fall. This is 2-4 visits less than most lawn care companies, meaning our customers can keep their lawns beautiful and healthy with fewer chemicals and less cost. It all depends on the condition and needs of the lawn to determine the number of applications.


Our customers in eastern Lancaster and western Chester counties typically see significant results in their first season with Eagle Lawn Care.

We help folks create safe, healthy outdoor environments for their families, with fewer chemicals and at a fraction of the cost of traditional lawn care services.

Are you ready?

Why choose Eagle Lawn Care as your lawn care company?

Our lawn care customers are our top priority. Rather than simply doing lawn care work for folks, we would rather help them to get educated on the “why” behind basic lawn care techniques. If we can give you the knowledge to help keep your lawn beautiful and healthy, our job will be easier and the result in your yard will be that much better.

Additionally, we’re committed to only doing lawn care work that our customers actually need. We don’t force our customers into year-long contracts. That means we visit most folks 3-4 times per year, rather than the 6-8 visits that many lawn care companies bundle into their contracts. The result is lawn care that’s more affordable, uses fewer chemicals, and still keeps your lawn in great shape! Everything we do base on a simple principle to keep your lawn natural. If it is dry or too hot we don’t need to come out to treat your lawn. Because it is not a good time to do lawn treatment.
Strong customer relationships and high-quality service have allowed us to earn a reputation as one of the top lawn care companies in eastern Lancaster County and western Chester County, PA. Are you ready to make lawn care simple again?

Eagle Lawn Care

We are a small family-based Lawn Care Company located in Lancaster, County, PA. Our base of 3,000 customers is located in eastern Lancaster County and western Chester County, PA. Are you ready to make lawn care simple again?

Serving Lancaster and Chester County

We provide lawn care services in Eastern Lancaster County and Western Chester County, PA. If you are looking for a weed-free lawn that is green and plush, contact us for a free estimate.